Colors & Agings


Find your inspiration in the following aging methodes:

I. Botticelli 

Aged with roughly scraped variation to the surface and hand cut bevels to the long sides.


II. Da Vinci 

Uniquely aged with a relief hollowed out entirely by hand.


III. Donatello 

Lightly aged surface produced by striking the face of the boards only.


IV. Firenze 

Handscraped with an undulating relief and rounded edges for a worn appearance.


V. Michelangelo 

Irregular and random marking to both surface and sides by tumbling.


VI. Milano 

Handaged with characteristic ageing marks on surface and edges and distinctive black filled knots.


VII. Raffaello 

Surface brushed to highlight the beautiful grain structure of the oak.


VIII. Tiziano 

Aged with a rough saw cut across the boards to mimic the old techniques of milling.