• Top Autentico Collection

The Top Autentico Collection

The Top Autentico Collection consists of two styles: the Classico (classical agings), the Originale (more rustic agings).

In our Top Autentico Collections we have blended our years of experience in making floors using hand craftsmanship with the latest developments and techniques in colouring. This has led to our most exciting wood floor collection yet. Using European Oak with knots, cracks and shakes gives an incredibly natural and authentic look.

The very distinctive appearances of these floors makes for a great choice, from a trendy new-build to a contemporary scheme in a Manhattan loft.

Collezione "Originale"

Very rustic (B/C) floors.

I. Siena

Deep handscraped

Beautiful extra rustic grade (BC) boards with open knots and cracks, soft pillowed edges to sides and header ends.


Collezione "Classico"

Classic agings on A/B boards.

I. Firenze


Beautifully handscraped (A/B) boards with soft pillowed edges to sides and header ends.


II. Ravenna

Irregular sawmarks

Irregular, random sawmarks across the hand scraped board face on this rustic grade (BC) make for a very distinctive appearance created by knots cracks and splits. Ideal for contemporary interiors in old buildings of architectural interest.


II. Da Vinci


Designscraped boards (A/B) with a strong scraped structure.

III. Bologna


The characteristic elements of natural oak are enhanced by heavy brushing, with deep filled knots and cracks in a rustic BC grade. A truly authentic vintage look, with character and exceptional beauty. Ideal for commercial premises such as shops, restaurants, etc.