• Handcrafted Agings
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Colors & Agings

Find your inspiration in the following aging methodes:


For Solid Floors, Panels and Top Duo

I. Botticelli 

Aged with roughly scraped variation to the surface and hand cut bevels to the long sides.

II. Da Vinci 

Uniquely aged with a relief hollowed out entirely by hand.

III. Donatello 

Lightly aged surface produced by striking the face of the boards only.

IV. Roma

Smooth surface.

V. Michelangelo 

Irregular and random marking to both surface and sides by tumbling.

VI. Raffaello 

Surface brushed to highlight the beautiful grain structure of the oak.

VII. Tiziano 

Aged with a rough saw cut across the boards to mimic the old techniques of milling.

For Top Autentico

I. Siena 

Deep handscraped

Beautiful extra rustic grade (BC) boards with open knots and cracks, soft pillowed edges to sides and header ends.

II. Ravenna

Irregular sawmarks

Irregular, random sawmarks across the hand scraped board face on this rustic grade (BC) make for a very distinctive appearance created by knots cracks and splits. Ideal for contemporary interiors in old buildings of architectural interest.

III. Bologna


The characteristic elements of natural oak are enhanced by heavy brushing, with deep filled knots and cracks in a rustic BC grade. A truly authentic vintage look, with character and exceptional beauty. Ideal for commercial premises such as shops, restaurants, etc.

IV. Firenze 

Handscraped with an undulating relief and rounded edges for a worn appearance.

V. Da Vinci

Designscraped. Surface with a strong scraped structure.